Energy Drain

Heat recovery system
Energy Drain lets you recycle energy from hot water and save money.

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Heat recovery system

This revolutionary heat recovery system will slash your hot water costs by recycling energy.


As we know, a reduction in energy consumption is a must. We are trying to insulate and heat our homes in a more efficient wat. We're trying to use greener forms of energy such as solar power and energy saving heat pumps, not only to save money but to provide a future for our children. Even with these systems, our hot water consumption has increased and still increases today! We're taking more showers and for a lot longer!


Vaportec Ltd has been producing and manufacturing heat exchangers globally for over 20 years. These heat exchangers are used in such diverse areas from heating swimming pools to cooling juice in wineries.


We thrive on challenges to try to reduce energy usage. Our research shows that the most efficient and economical way to reduce energy consumption for showers, is to extract energy from the "grey" waste water.

The Spirex Energy Drain is simply installed in a shower waste pipe and transfers the heat from the waste "grey" water to the incoming mains cold water. This can represent a nominal saving of up to NZ $290* off your hot water usage per annum.


Installation is very simple. The ends fit most standard waste pipes. Plumb the incoming mains cold supply to enter the bottom on the Energy Drain and the pre-heated water to the cold water supply of the shower mixer. Because the Energy Drain uses the patented Spirex formed tubing it is highly efficient and so can be placed at numerous angles from the standard plumbing positions (40:1) to a vertical position.


*Nominal example: A family of four having an average shower using 10 l/min of water at 38° degrees C for 10 minutes, once a day at at 0.23 cents per kw/h (Meridian Energy, Auckland).

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The Benefits
Get more hot water for your dollar.

As the patented Spirex Energy Drains made using copper tubing, this material is not only the most efficient but it totally recyclable. The Spirex Energy Drain saves energy, saves money and helps save the environment.

  • Uses the unique patented Spirex tubing for ultimate efficiency
  • Complies with NZ and Australian Plumbing Standards
  • 5 Year Guarantee on materials and workmanship
  • Can be placed in standard plumbing position of 40:1 and also vertically
  • Overall lengths available between 900mm and 1400mm and with inner tube diameter of 40mm
  • 20% Plus savings on hot water usage
  • Permanent fixture means savings with energy shower
  • No mains pressure drop up to 10 l/min (see graphs)
  • More pre-heated cold water used means more pressure at the shower rose in rural/low pressure systems
  • Get more hot water usage from the cyclinder

The diagram below shows the Energy Drain Heat Recovery system installed and demonstrates the various angles it can be placed. This highlights it's versatility from "retro-fit" single story buildings to multi-story high rise buildings.

Heat Recovery
The Design
Patented tube form

The Spirex Energy Drain Heat Recovery system's unique design utilises the patended tube form known as Spirex tubing. It is a double pipe heat exchanger. The inner tube is a standard copper drain pipe for the waste water. As the shower waste clings to the inside, turbulating as it goes, the heat is transferred through the space between the inner and outer tubes. This means that the waste water and the potable incoming pre-heated cold water never touch.


Because of the lengths of the Spirex Energy Drain the time for the incoming cold water to start heating is extremely quick and so starts paying for itself almost instantly. Being designed and manufactured in New Zealand we ensure all materials used are compliant to New Zealand and Australia's high standards.

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