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Just a short note to thank you for the straight forward way your Corporation does business.


I would also like you to know that I appreciate the efficiency and durability of the product we purchased from you last year. Our research indicated New Zealand is a world leader in the type of technology we were looking for. We had been using three of your smaller heat exchange untis on three one ton capacity live lobster tanks in Honolulu and we were impressed. When we considered to replace the obsolete refrigeration technology of our larger five ton tanks with your improved larger units, I have to confess now I had some reservations. At the outset I wondered that such compact and simple looking devices would achieve the performance we needed. We are happy to say the units exceeded our highest expectations!


With four of your 35,000 B.T.U units in tandem (as your recommended) we can easily take down 9,000 gallons of ambient temperature seawater by more than 3OF per hour. The equivalent has been in constant use for 6 months now and has been totally trouble free.


We have plans to establish live seafood tanks in China in the near future and we shortly will be expanding subsidiary operations in Australia.


You may be sure we will be contacting you soon for placement of further orders!


Thank you again, with best regards,


Barry J Bowyer


Hawaii Transpacific