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To whom it may concern,


As a senior aquaculture technician for one of New Zealand's largest CRI's I have purchased several Vaportec Heat Exchangers over the last 10 years. They have been extensively used for temperature control (heating and cooling) of seawater for several purposes, including aquaculture (fish on- growing) and experimental R&D applications. In this time I have found them to be a well-made versatile product, and have had no reason to consider any alternative product. In the above applications Vaportec Heat Exchangers have proven to be very reliable and effective over time at the Mahanga Bay Aquaculture facility in Wellington.


Previously I have experienced using imported products that were less than reliable and potentially detrimental to long term experiments and holding systems for valuable bloodstock fish. In my experience the peace of mind that comes with using Vaportec products is invaluable, and it is a New Zealand made product!


I can also state that over the time I have used various types of Vaportec Heat Exchangers, often with requested assistance regarding difficult applications, Vaportec have provided solutions that have worked well. The seawater environments that these exchangers operate in are extremely harsh on equipment and are a true test of their durability.


I have no hesitation recommending Vaportec Heat Exchangers.


Regards, Neill Barr

Principal Technician, Marine Ecology


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