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Vaportec NZ Limited is a privately owned New Zealand company operating out of a factory in Napier, New Zealand. Vaportec has been running since 1993 and provides various types of “just in time” heat exchangers to OEM customers in New Zealand, Australia and Thailand.


Vaportec NZ Ltd also has a high volume joint venture in Pudong, Shanghai, China, manufacturing titanium swimming pool heat pump heat exchangers for a USA Global Fortune 500 Corporation OEM under License to Vaportec NZ.


Vaportec NZ Ltd has Patented Intellectual Property for various processes, designs and trades under the brands, Vaportec and Spirex.


Vaportec is finished heat exchangers for various applications and Spirex is the “enhanced form” that Vaportec’s IP process applies to tubes made of various materials and is Vaportec’s “heart”.



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The Spirex form is used in all the various models of heat exchnagers that Vaportec manufacture and enhances the Coefficient of Thermal Transfer by approximately 300% over straight tubing (Ref: Auckland University Tests).


Vaportec NZ Limited now supplies Vaportec Heat Exchangers Worldwide to every continent and almost every country through it’s Global Licensed Partners and it’s New Zealand Factory. The success of Vaportec cutting edge technology is due to intensive ongoing R & D and has gained a high respect Worldwide for reliability, efficacy and competitiveness. Global Corporations through to local refrigeration Companies and Plumbers are using Vaportec Heat Exchangers daily somewhere in the world!


Vaportec NZ Limited prides itself on it’s service and technical support to it’s customers and welcomes new inquires and customers.

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