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Revolutionary Dairy Milk Dropper
Dramatically reduces the problems many farmers face with frothing and milk loss.

Vaportec NZ Limited have developed and patented a Dairy Milk Dropper heat exchanger and method to chill milk immediately after leaving the cow. Vaportec’s ‘in-line’ milking shed heat exchanger method provides a total system to the farmer to improve quality and financial returns.


Both the SX600 and SX3000 methods and systems can be integrated into existing milking shed systems in stages or a complete refit.


Vaportec’s SX600 series inline heat exchanger is positioned between the Teat Bundle and The Vacuum Header, as close to the cow as possible. The SX600 removes the high grade heat in the milk immediately to retain more of the valuable milk protein. By chilling the milk and removing the heat at the cow, the foaming normally experienced with warm milk is instantly reduced substantially, and losses due to foaming are eliminated.

The SX3000 inline heat exchanger is positioned into the header milk pipe work flowing back to the milk holding vat replacing the current method using plate heat exchangers. The SX3000 is a lineal flow heat exchanger, having a chilled water jacket encasing multiple Spirex tubes, as opposed to the tortuous chambers of a plate heat exchanger that create ‘milk shear’ and form cream and butter, causing blocking to filters.


The SX3000 is easily CIP cleaned and easily removed for cleaning or inspection, as opposed to the complicated and difficult task of removing, inspecting, cleaning and refitting a plate heat exchanger. To complement the Vaportec inline heat exchangers, the series of chillers, heat pumps and ‘Co-Gen’ units provide an energy efficient method of maintaining chilling, chilled water and heat recovery for hot water.

The Benefits
Why Vaportec Dairy Milk Droppers are a must have for dairy farmers

  • Chills the milk immediately after leaving the cow
  • Dramatically reduces the problem of frothing and milk loss
  • Retains higher percentages of protein in the milk
  • Reduces Shear, causing losses from cream and butter forming
  • Control chilled water temperature and maintain lower milk temperatures to the vat, improving milk shelf life
  • Recover refigeration heat for hot water
  • Improve system cleanliness with better access for inspection
  • Made with patented high efficient Spirex tubing

Milk Droppers

The revolutionary Vaportec Dairy Milk Dropper system helps dairy farmers save costs across the board by cutting back on milk losses and time heavy inspections. Our Milk Droppers are easy to install and require no maintenance or running costs.

Vaportec Heat Exchangers | Dairy Milk Dropper
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Vaportec Heat Exchangers | Dairy Milk Dropper
Vaportec Heat Exchangers | Dairy Milk Dropper