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To whom it may concern,


We are pleased to recommend Vaportec as a manufacture of good quality refrigerant heat exchangers made here in New Zealand.


We have been using refrigerant Heat exchangers manufactured by Vaportec for approximately 10 years and have experienced a good relationship always.


During this time we have used a number of refrigerant Heat-exchange products;


  • Refrigerant to Pool water, (Coil-in-shell heat exchangers, Titanium tube).
  • Refrigerant, suction to liquid heat exchangers (copper tube).
  • Refrigerant to Refrigerant coaxial sub-cooling evaporators (copper tube).
  • Refrigerant to Seawater coaxial condensers (Titanium)
  • Refrigerant to Seawater reverse cycle Coil-in-shell Titanium heat exchangers.


We have been very happy with the helpful staff and good manufacture.
Vaportec have made good quality products and made them quickly when required. More importantly we have never had a refrigerant leak.


We have no hesitation in recommending them as great Heat exchanger manufacturer based here in NZ.


Reference for Vaportec manufacturing of Heat-exchangers


Kind Regards


Paul Sturrock