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Gilmore Farms

Our Customers
Gilmore Farms

“Thank you for showing interest in the Vaportec SX600 Milk Coolers. This is an exciting new product which clearly shows a lot of potential. On top of stopping frothing at the receiver, there is a clear advantage over the standard plate cooler. As we discussed this product may allow the removal of the restrictor valve and the plate cooler thus reducing milk damage and pumping time”


“We use Vaportec Spirex tube to get the best result and have had the product at the Mystery Creek Fieldays in 2004 and 2005 winning an ward. We have since had an independent valuation done at the farm in the Waikato through the EECA which showed a saving of 30% on hot water heating costs. This was a good result considering the first 50 litres of HOT wash water was not being captured in the Retriever drum. My own property shows greater savings than this as I have done my own monitoring as well as another company from Wellington. This is recycled energy which is normally let down the drain.”



Farm Owner

Gilmore Farms