China Partnership

Bulk Manufacturing Facilities
High Volume
Joint Venture in Pudong, Shanghai China

Vaportec NZ Ltd's licensed joint venture in China with a USA Global Corporation produces high volumes of swimming pool heat pumps with Spirex titanium heat exchangers. This manufacturer has been in operation for over seven years to date with zero operational failures and has been recognised as leading edge technology and a market leader in the USA.


High volumes of Vaportec heat exchangers are produced to impeccable sterile conditions with Quality Assurances systems to very strict and stringent specifications in China.


Vaportec NZ Ltd is very well positioned to manufacture very high volumes of products to very high standards at very competitive prices. Licensed Turn-Key Manufacturing packages in Australia and China has proven Vaportec's ability to perform in the world market and generate a reputation for quality, efficiency and value at competitive prices.

Vaportec are currently expanding further into the global market place with plans to further increase overseas manufacturing of the Vaportec Spirex range of products. Strategic partners / customers and specific targeted markets are the key to Vaportec's growth and future success.


Vaportec's proven China Partnership positions Vaportec very well to provide a supply of equipment and parts from China. Vaportec NZ Ltd offers procurement of equipment and parts of a high quality standard at competitive prices from China for customers who want peace of mind imports!

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